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Samsø Island

Photo by Demotix Images

One of benefits of traveling is seeing how they do in other parts of the world. We haven’t been there, but Samsø Island in Denmark was one of the side trips delegates could take during the climate conference and is worth talking about. The island is a example of what can be done with renewable power and it has a unique history.

In 1997, the Danish Energy Agency sponsored a nationwide contest to select an island near the coast, which had the best plan to be 100% energy sustainable in 10 years. Samsø was selected as the best place to run this controlled experiment. The island, with a population of just over 4,100 people, now gets 100% of its electricity sourced from wind power and about 75 percent of its heat coming from renewable energy, including burning locally grown straw. To see more about Samso, you can watch this video by John Larson( for those with long Alaskan memories, John is a former News Director for KTUU-TV in Anchorage).


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