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After lunch on Saturday, I wandered over to Parliament Square (Christianborg) to see how many people had begun assembling for the planned march to the Bella Center.  I watched a group of highly organized volunteers unloading thousands of placards and signs from a truck, hanging up banners, preparing the stage and cooking huge pots of vegetable soup.  When I retuned an hour later, the crowd had begun to build.  By the time the speakers came on stage at 1 p.m., there were (by Danish Policy estimates) 100,000 people there. (A New York Times story put the number at tens of thousands.)

Vandana Shiva

I was right in front of the stage.  For about an hour the crowd heard from a diverse group of people, including a huge Bollywood movie star, a Peruvian supermodel, and a member of the Danish Parliament. Vandana Shiva, an Indian author and activist seemed to really resonate with (more…)


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