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Clean energy expo

I spent most of Sunday at Bright Green, www.brightgreen.dk, a clean energy expo held at the city’s main convention center downtown. It was full of booths representing renewable energy companies, design firms, automobile makers, national trade representatives and consulting companies.  I had lots of great conversations and will be hauling back about five pounds of paper materials with me to Alaska to show my colleagues.

I was particularly interested in the universities that were there talking about sustainability curricula, and research and development.  I saw at least one technology I’d never seen before  – a design for wave power that allows the mechanism to rise out of the water during storms to avoid being damaged.  The company, Wave Star Energy, www.wavestarenergy.com, was started by a group of Danish brothers who conceived the design while sailing. There are so many businesses in this world that are grabbing onto the clean energy revolution! Unfortunately, it’s clear that America is behind the curve. The good news is there’s a huge amount of possibilities that lie untapped. Alaska still has a chance to be a leader if we seize the moment. (more…)


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